Africa Strike

The Lodge amidst mangroves

Fishing at the Lodge

Africa Strike is the fishing center who offer the most complete methods for Sportfishing. Our local fishermen works exclusivly for us, and can show 30 years of experience for some.


Stable and fast boats are available, expressly engineered and equipped for fishing purposes, with fishing rod holders, grappling hooks, live bait tank, Igloo icebox, rods from 40 to 50 pounds manufactured by Italcanna expressly for the Africa Strike fishing center, rotating reels with lever brake Penn GLS or fixed type Penn 7500 SS and 5500 SS, in nylon from 20 to 50 pounds (0.40-0.60), braids and multi-fiber, nylon and steel terminals, Mustad fish hooks, artificial Rapala, Storm, and Yo-Zury bait.
All the equipment is fully available for the guests of the fishing center, without any surcharge, to allow our clients to travel free of cumbersome luggage and to be able to fish with excellent and specific equipment.

What to fish

The most profitable techniques are the towing with artificial bait, in the search for barracudas, cubera snappers, jackfish; fishing with live bait for large predators like cubera snappers, guitarfish, captains (king threadfins); bottom fishing with live or dead bait, for all average size fishes like groupers, ombrines, cubera snappers, threadfins, and jackfish.

Jean Michel Sy

téléphone +33 06 80 38 41 75

Fishing Center