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The Lodge amidst mangroves

Wildlife in the Delta

The National Park of the Saloum Delta

Africa Strike Lodge is located in Toubacouta, in the heart of the Sine Saloum natural park, the 2nde most important naturalistic reserve of Senegal. Deltas are unusual ecosystems ; The mixture of salt and fresh water, and different temperatures make it a unique habitat, used by many species (plantlife and wildlife). An oasis of migration and reproduction of bird life among the most important in the world. Parrots, marine eagles, vultures, herons, pelicans, and thousands of other bird species live together on the outskirts of the village amidst monkeys, bush babies, warthogs, hyenas.

Focus on Birdwatching

To the simple pleasure of hearing birds songs, to the joy of spending hours trying to approached them, Birdwatching is one of the most pleasant activities that can be done in the aera. The South of Senegal is rich in vegetation and dark forest, It has a larger variety of bird life than the North and has an enormous richness in the biodiversity of its fauna and flora. More than 300 species of birds are registered in Senegal, most of which are found in the South. It’s the privilege of our professional bird guide to entertain you with the birds and the nature, the fauna and the flora of Siné Saloum. You’ll be able to see many species like : Western violet backed sunbird, Temminck’s Courser, Greyish eagle owl, Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fisher eagle,…

Safari in Fathala

Twenty minutes from Toubacouta, one can access the Fathala reserve. Six thousand hectares of entirely protected forest, charted by seventy kilometers of tracks that can be traveled on off-roaders escorted by local guides, where it is possible to observe zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses, crocodiles, antelopes, monkeys, and many other species.

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